Mei Dai Carriers

Mei Dai’s are a traditional carrier originating from China. They are made up of a shaped body with waist straps and longer shoulder straps that wrap around the wearer and baby.

They are extremely comfortable for long periods of time and also very versatile being suitable from newborn to toddler, they can be used for front, back and sometimes hip carries depending on the design.

Mei Dai’s in the Library


1. Amazonas – Tree
2. Babyhawk (Baby) – Cranberry with pink beads
3. ByKay – Dark Denim
4. Didymos Didytai – Lilac Labyrinth
5. Hoppediz Hop-Tye – Darjeeling Green
6. Hoppediz Hop-Tye – Stockholm
7. Inspired By Elsie – Beige and Blue
8. Lenny Lamb (Baby) – Finnish Diamond
9. Lenny Lamb (Toddler) – Tangata
10.Ling Ling D’amour (Toddler) – Prune
11. Napsack – Brown/Khaki
12. Melkaj Wrap Conversion (Toddler) – Purple
13. Melkaj (Standard) – Russian Dolls
14. Pouchlings (Baby) – Purple Haze
15. Victoria Slinglady Ezium – Olive/Hungry Caterpillar

Podaegi in the Library


1. Rock Solid Slings – Green Birds
2. Simply Mei Tai – Emerald diamond weave


It can take a little time to get used to tying them but it soon becomes second nature, they can be put on quite quickly no matter how many people use one carrier.

Other carriers include the podaegi from Korea, which is similar to the mei dai but without waist straps and the onbuhimo from Japan, also similar to the mei dai but with rings at the bottom of the body that the shoulder straps thread through rather than separate waist straps.

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