Angela, mother to Isabella and Avalina


“Never carried with Bella, never even knew carriers existed until I turned up at a meet with Avalina at 36 hours old and rented a mei tai out. I carry my baby everywhere it’s changed my life.

I was shown how close you could be with a newborn leaving your hands free to continue other chores. This was amazing, as I used to sit for hours in a chair feeding Isabella therefore doing nothing else. This time around I pop the sling on and feed and carry on with what I was doing, be that shopping round Asda or cooking tea.

They have literally changed my life. Isabella has never been jealous of the new baby as slings have enabled me to do two things at once. Breast feed baby and use my free hands to play with Bella.

All the small grouped workshops have been amazing for more one on one training on extra carries.
The slings meets have also enabled me to find a whole new set of same minded friends.”

Emma, mother to Erin


“Erin is my third child and I knew before she was born I wanted to use slings with her. I tried a few full buckle carriers with my first and second babies and never felt they were very comfortable but after seeing my sister use wraps I wanted to give them a go with Erin. I wanted to learn how to use a wrap and also get advice regarding all of the different size, shapes and materials of wraps and carriers and how best to use them!

My sister had been using the sling library and introduced me to Katrina during my pregnancy at the sling group.

After speaking to Katrina for the first time, I felt much more confident about being able to use a wrap. She explained everything very clearly and gave many demos until I felt comfortable enough to have a go myself. I organised a consultation at home with a few of my friends so we could have more of a one-to-one and to learn about the different sizes and different carries in the wraps. I also attended a workshop on back carries in a group and found this very useful. I learnt techniques including how to safely get baby onto and off my back and how to make wrapping my baby more comfortable for us both.

I also attend the sling group most weeks- it is a good opportunity to try out new products and Katrina is always available for advice and encouragement. It’s also a lovely group atmosphere full of lovely mothers and babies and we have met many friends there. I will continue to go to the groups as a social event and to hopefully pass on some of my knowledge to help enable new mums to have a go at babywearing and realise the benefits.”

Claire, mother to Hugo and Wilson


“I am 33yr old married mum of 2 boys aged 3 and 1. Currently a full time mummy, and a childcare lecturer by profession. I have breast fed both children the oldest for 10mths and continue to feed my 16mth old. I am relatively new to baby wearing having only discovered it after the birth of my second child. We now love babywearing and it has helped with a number of issues during our first year. My husband also enjoys the benefits of baby wearing.

I was introduced to baby wearing through a breast feeding support group. I had problems with my little boys latch and he suffered with reflux in the first six months. It was suggested that baby wearing would help especially with reflux – which it certainly did as he remained upright after feeds. This had positive emotional and physical benefits for both me and my baby. I found that using a sling also helped with juggling a toddler and new baby around everyday tasks leaving me hands free hence giving me back my independence and confidence in being a mum of two.

I felt reassured and confident when using the sling library I was always offered demonstrations and support when using new slings or carrying positions. The sling meet also offered reassurence when talking to other mums. I continue to use the library and attend the meet each week. Both my children and myself have benefited from building new friendships while growing in confidence as a baby wearing mummy.

Thank you to our baby wearing consultant for her guidance, patience and support.”

Victoria, mother to Gabby and Florence
“I have had a little previous babywearing experience with my first but something i always wanted to explore further with my second.
I wanted to have help, advice, support to successfully babywear, both with a newborn and then later on with a toddler with back carries. I felt excited, empowered and motivated to successful achieve something I have always wanted to do.
Katrina has always been very helpful, giving help and advise with different carriers as well as different ways of wrapping. You are always made to feel welcome and she explains everything in detail making sure safety is paramount. ”


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