” West Pennine Slings creates a safe babywearing community
to encourage strong attachments between parent and child.”   


West Pennine Slings aims to make it easy for parents to babywear. This is done primarily through regular slingmeets, where it is possible to hire from our comprehensive library of carriers. Trained volunteers answer questions, demo carries, hire out slings and help people with carriers they may have already been given.

West Pennine Slings also provides a welcoming community for like-minded parents.  Many people attend the slingmeets regularly, even if they aren’t hiring from the library. If you are already a babywearer, and you want to come along, come along. There is no need to hire from the library to attend a slingmeet.

West Pennine Slings is also interested in education. Many people are still unaware of the very real benefits of babywearing – for the child and the parent. West Pennine Slings has a developed one-hour talk, entitled Babywearing 101, which outlines these benefits. If you run a Childrens’ Centre, an ante-natal group, or a community group centred on parenting, and would like us to present this talk, please do get in touch.


West Pennine Slings, was established in March 2012 and became a community interest company in March 2014. We became a community interest company (CIC) to help solidify our non-profit status and make our intentions to support the community through our work clear.

We hope to continue expanding the availability of the services we offer to even more families from all walks of life. Creating good attachment and bonding between child and caregiver is known to be incredibly important to the developing child. We believe that in educating families and giving them access to tools, such as babywearing, we can help them fulfill this need.

This is a long term investment in helping to create a positive future for our local community.

“Attachment is a deep and enduring emotional bond
that connects one person to another across time and space”
– John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth

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