New carriers added to our fantastic library!


Katrina attended the European Babywearing Conference in Bristol this weekend, a great opportunity to network and learn. She also came back with an impressive haul of carriers!


The library now has a Lenny Lamb Ergo, a new wrap strap mei tai, a Storch half buckle, a Hoppediz, We Made Me  and Bondolino stretch wrap ,a Pao and an Ergo SSC, a Pittari stretch hybrid and a much more ergonomic Baby Bjorn. They will all be available to hire.

Perhaps most exciting of all, is that we now have a Twingo SSC carrier available. This amazing carrier was designed with twins in mind, so includes two carriers that can be clipped together for tandem carriers and used apart for single carries. It’s not just for twins either, you can also carry siblings of different ages in it too.

Come along to one of our slingmeets for a chance to try these carriers for yourself!

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